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THE 6 R 'S

Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Rehome, Relax

Living green doesn't mean you have to change your life around.  It's just a matter of conscious decisions and small changes in habits.  You'll be saving money and effort while you do the planet and environment a favour. Once something arrives at a landfill site - that is it - the end of its life and usefulness.  Nev...

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Relax and Enjoy

Have a lovely summer and travel safe.  We'll be open right through the Christmas and New Year break so just give us a call if you need us.  Lets look forward to a bright and fresh 2018

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Brighten up for the days ahead


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It's easy, fun and so rewarding

The change of seasons brings us to the realisation we need to sort the linen cupboard out for the warmer weather. So lets get started with these easy tips to help you along the way. Prepare Clear off a bed so that you can use it to fold and organise on a flat surface. ...

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Lemon Refill Pellets Double Pack on Special for October

Spring is the time to open our windows and clear our living spaces for the balmy sunny days ahead. A clean living space makes a house a home and gives a lovely sense of accomplishment and feelings of a fresh start. This is the time to rid our homes of the al...

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Hi and welcome to our fresh new website We hope you enjoy your stay Each month we will be highlighting products and discussing topics to help you enjoy a simpler and easier way of living.  We'll have lots of tips and...

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