Can I use other laundry products with the balls?

Yes you can safely use in-wash and pre-soak products and stain removers. Do not use fabric softeners or liquid chlorine bleach products with the Laundry Balls.

Can I use the Laundry Ball system and commercial products in conjunction?

Yes it is okay to use the Laundry Balls for some loads and commercial laundry products for those items that require an extra boost of strong detergents, especially oily overalls, sports gear and teenage boy clothes!

How do they work?

The pellets consist mainly of mineral oxides and surfactants that are released into the wash water, which changes the PH level and softens the water providing gentle, effective cleaning power. The full list of ingredients is on our website. They do not contain optical brightners, hidden bleaches or enzymes.

How can I save water?

As the laundry balls do not contain any soap agents, they leave no residue behind. Therefore the rinse cycle can be bypassed if you wish, saving water, time and power. Check your washing machine manual to find out how best to set the wash programme. Saving water it totally optional, so if you don't cut out the rinse cycle this will not affect your wash at all or the life expectancy of the pellets.

Can I use Simply Laundry Balls if I have a septic tank?

Absolutely! They are the ideal total alternative to using commercial products that can affect your septic tank. The grey water from a Laundry Ball wash can be used directly on gardens as well.

Can I wash wool and delicates with the Laundry Balls?

Yes, the Laundry Balls are ideal for washing all wool and delicates carefully using your machines specified cycles or by hand-washing. They are also ideal for washing reusable nappies.

Can I add fragrance to my Laundry Balls?

The Laundry Balls have only been slightly scented so they remain hypo-allergenic. If you would like more fragrance with your washing, we recommend adding 5-6 drops of either essential or fragrant oils to the pellets through the refill hole. Shake the pellets around to disperse the fragrance and leave overnight to dry before using the wash.

Can I travel with my Laundry Balls?

Yes they are very practical when you are travelling. They can be safely taken on international lights without any customs concerns. If you are using them in a motorhome or while camping, do not leave them soaking in a bucket any longer than 2 hours.

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