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Linen Cupboard Clean Up Time


The change of seasons brings us to the realisation we need to sort the linen cupboard out for the warmer weather. So lets get started with these easy tips to help you along the way.

Clear off a bed so that you can use it to fold and organise on a flat surface.  Grab a couple of big cartons or plastic bags to sort the giveaways and throw outs. Use as many laundry baskets,cartons and storage containers as you can find to designate for the different linen categories. Have the washing machine empty and ready for action.  Get the ironing board and iron prepped to help.

As you unpack the space, put all the winter sheets, the pillowcases, etc into their designated carton or basket (or pile on the floor).  Categories could include, winter sheets, summer sheets, duvet covers, pillowcases, tablecloths, bath towels, hand towels, facecloths, blankets get the drift.  Anything that doesn't meet the categories needs to be assessed as to if it should be in there.

Vacuum the cupboard or shelves, then wipe them out with a damp cloth rinsed in a 50/50 water / white vinegar solution with a few drops of essential oil added to freshen up the space.  You could also line the shelves at this stage to brighten the area and add a bit of a theme. A roll of wallpaper or wrapping paper would do the trick.

Tip out one category carton onto the bed at a time and assess the contents.  Is the linen still in good condition or is it time to donate it or even to rip it into cleaning cloths ? Is the item discoloured, stained, the wrong size, missing a mate or just old fashioned and you know you will probably will never use it again ? Does it just need a good hot wash or soak and some time on the clothesline in the fresh air ?  Should it have been thrown away a long time ago but you keep holding onto it because ..........?

Fold and Sort
Fold each item as neatly as possible and put it in the "keep" or donate pile. Give anything that's looking a bit crushed a quick lick over with the iron before putting it back.  Anything that needs washing - treat the stains  (you know what with !!) and give it a good hot wash if possible.
Check out the video on one of the simplest and quickest ways to fold those fitted sheets - so easy !!

Putting it Away
Everyone has their own favourite way of folding their towels. Rolling towels can be a lot simpler and take less space than folding them flat for a change of look.
Summer sheet sets can be folded and put inside one of the pillowcases, making it easy to grab the whole lot in one go next time.
Stacking sheets vertically rather than in a pile looks very smart and is actually really practical.

Bulky blankets and throws that don't stack well are easily subdued by tying them up with ribbon or cord. Or treat yourself to a couple of vacuum packs that you can remove air from which will make the blankets take up a lot less space.
Seasonal items that you won't need for the next 6 months should be placed at the back or on the highest shelf.
Everyday  sheets and towels should be at a height that's easy for everybody to reach.
Put a special "guest set" of sheets and towels together and stack it away from the everyday ones. Then you have a lovely set all ready for that unexpected guest.
If you have loose bits and pieces that aren't actually linens but need to be in that space, put them into nice storage baskets to keep them all together.

Donate or Repurpose
Anything that is still nice and in good condition would be lovely for the Women's Refuge or Salvation Army. Any spare blankets or sleeping bags would be appreciated by the homeless. And of course , the SPCA and other animal charities are always in need of towels, sheets and bedding.
Old sheets that can't be donated make handy dust covers when you're painting or sanding around the house. Ideal too to cover fruit trees from birds or frost tender plants in the winter, so delegate them to the garage or shed for later use.
Some older towels and linens can be cut into cloths and stored in the garage or laundry as fresh new rags (Might be time to seriously throw some old dead rags out).

Now that everything is in its place, you will be able to see where maybe you have some gaps that need filling next time there is a sale on.  Enjoy your new space.

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