THE 6 R 'S

Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Rehome, Relax

The 6 R 's


Living green doesn't mean you have to change your life around.  It's just a matter of conscious decisions and small changes in habits.  You'll be saving money and effort while you do the planet and environment a favour. Once something arrives at a landfill site - that is it - the end of its life and usefulness.  Never to be seen again......but not really going away.  70% of landfill will take about 100 years to breakdown  and some of it even longer.
Adopting the mindset of the 6 R's gives you an opportunity to think twice about choices and options.  They are not rules to obey or restrictions on your way of life - just thoughts to help you live simpler and easier.


Say no to plastic bags, excess packaging and free gifts.  Cancel subscriptions that you know longer need.  Opt out of junk mail - buy that letterbox sign tomorrow.  When offered bottled water ask for tap water in a glass instead.  Think twice when making any purchases - do you want it or need it.


Make a grocery list and double check it.  Only buy the amount you need.  Buy the brands and flavours that you like - otherwise you'll never use them.  Use paper twice and make notepads out of spare paper.  Print on both sides of the paper.  Don't buy one use products - is there a long term alternative.  Keep some bamboo cutlery in your bag for using when you eat takeaways out.

Reuse or Repurpose

Toilet rolls as cord organisers.  Old doors as table tops or full length mirrors.  Plastic squirt bottles for storing homemade cleaning products.   Old socks over shoes when packing for travel. 


Glass jars for storage.  Reusable bags - make sure you always have some in your car.  Wash your plastic containers and keep them for later storage.  Flatten cardboard and recycle. 


Donate what you'll never use again (or have never used )  to charities .  Trade Me or Boot Sale them and use the money to buy yourself something you've always wanted.  One persons trash is anothers treasure.


Let somethings slide a little.  70% of the earths resources are used to make the last 30% of new products "perfect".  If there is a dent or scratch on something, either fix it or let it be - it will still function well with its little bit of character.

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