Save you some $$$ in these times of high costs

Money-saving hacks


Here are some winter money-saving hacks to save you some $$$ in these times of high costs

  • Use your washing machine and dryer at economical hours. Check out your power provider’s off-peak times for cheaper loads. Have your clothes washed and your dishes sparkling as you hop into bed, so you can save even more money while you sleep. 
  • Hanging up your laundry inside? Make sure you spin your clothes on the fastest setting to ensure as much water is lost as possible.  Remember to open a window to ventilate your home so all the damp air does not stay inside.  Have as much air circulating around the clothes as possible ie spread them out. 
  • Add a hand-towel to your dryer to save time. Adding a dry hand-towel to your dryer will lower the time spent to dry.
  • Windy days are your friend. A windy day is better than a sunny one!  Hanging laundry up by the corners will ensure it can ‘flap’ in the wind and dry faster. If you have space, maybe hang laundry on every 2nd wire as more air circulates and the washing will dry faster. 
  • Lint Balls? Lint balls are your best friend for getting rid of those washed tissues and reducing lint collected on those warm winter fleeces. Pop some in your dryer for a quicker load.  Purchase Lint Balls here!

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