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Simply Laundry Kit
Stringed Lights
Magnetic Reading Glasses - Full Frame

Garage Sale on for 2 weeks.  16th to 28th February. One off specials. Products at cost price.  Take a look !!


Choose the healthier, cheaper and greener way to do your washing !

With their gentle active ingredients, Simply Laundry Balls offer you a simpler way of washing laundry that’s easier on your skin, the environment and your budget!

All you do is pop the laundry balls into the washing machine with your clothes and linen. No measuring. No mess. Read on

With Simply Laundry Balls, you’ll...

  • Save money – spend a lot less on laundry products
  • Relieve skin allergies
  • Gently clean your clothes & linen, keeping them soft
  • Get an eco-friendly wash
  • Avoid white streaks on dark fabrics
  • Save water – rinsing is optional !
  • Keep your septic tank healthier


Never lose your reading glasses again !

These funky new "hang around your neck" reading glasses are ideal for those of us that need that extra bit of help with the small print. They are always right there, where you need them, when you need them. Sturdy, practical, and in a great range of colours you'll wonder how you ever did with out them.

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